Land ownership files of the coast of Dhërmi are stolen inside the cadastral offices of Vlora

13/10/2021 21:10

The spectacular theft of the property ownership files in the offices of the Vlora district administration, was well prepared and the perpetrator knew very well where to look, the authorities have announced.

Investigative sources told Top Channel that the thieves knew well the exact location of the real estate files. They were two volumes belonging to the tourist village of Dhërmi, in the Municipality of Himara, where the ownership of coastal land has serious problems.

Police officers suspect that the perpetrator with insider help, knew the exact location of the files, as well as the location of the security cameras.

The stolen files had inside them original documents of land ownership in Dhërmi and were not part of the archive of the Vlora Cadastre.

For this reason, the Cadastre did not take over their registration, and now with the loss of the original documents, the alienation of these properties is seriously endangered.

Coastal land ownership is a continuing source of conflict in Vlora. Due to clashes over properties on the Riviera where a number of luxury resorts are being built, the State Cadastre Agency in Vlora has changed at least 10 executives in the last two years.

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