Kurbini Court is closed as all three judges are infected with Covid-19

15/09/2020 16:16

Kurbin Court has been closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Top Channel’s Anila Hoxha reports that all three judges, including the president of the court have been confirmed with covid-19.

Because this court has only three judges, the HJC has approved a list of judges from the capital who will go to Kurbin to avoid collapse, only for urgent issues such as detention measures.

The approved list includes eight judges from Tirana, who will serve until September 28.

The judges who will review the security measures borrowed from Tirana are: Shefkie Demiraj, Bedri Qori, Ardian Kalia, Besnik Hoxha, Artan Hajredinaj, Albert Mece, Elisabeta Gjoni, Gert Hoxha, Sokol Pasho.


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