KLSH checks find 811 million euros of violations in 2022, reduces the economic damage to return to the budget

30/05/2023 20:57

The High State Control also informs that during 2022 four criminal charges will be filed against 16 officials for abuse of public funds.

Meanwhile, what is noticeable from last year is the fact that the actual economic damage that must be returned as a value in the budget, has decreased significantly from the previous year. There is a significant increase in damages caused by mismanagement, poor planning or lack of efficiency of state funds, which are known as missing revenues in the budget, which KLSH I has calculated in the amount of 798 million euros.

Mismanagement of public funds, KLSH evidences that comes from two main sources such as sale/purchase and leasing of state assets, as well as non-collection of taxes.

Expenses for investments bear a great burden on the lack of income in the budget.

KLSH also in this year’s report continues to emphasize the government’s problem with the frequent change of the budget with normative acts, which leads to poor planning of public finances, according to the institution.

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