Kavaja’s coast in environmental emergency, urban waste burned in illegal landfills

24/07/2021 20:17

The environmental emergency continues in the municipality of Kavaja, as the urban waste is not collected and the illegal landfill in Kazie is still active.

Residents of the area state that tons of waste are dumped here every day, from trucks coming from Kavaja and the surrounding areas.

Then they are then set on fire and the toxic fumes are dispersed in the inhabited and coastal areas.

With the increase in the amount of urban waste deposited here, traces of deliberate arson are also seen.

With Kavaja’s coastline starting from the ‘Perroi i Agait’ near Durrës up to near the mouth of the Shkumbin River, the municipality offers some of the most beautiful and frequented beach areas in Albania.

But the beauty of nature fades in conditions of environmental pollution.

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