Italian Guardia di Finanza, joint PR with Albanian police on cannabis plantation

07/10/2016 00:00

Albania has destroyed three times more cannabis than in 2015. From
800.000 plants that were destroyed in 2015, this year police has
destroyed 2.4 million plants, 750.000 of which were discovered by the
air monitoring of the Interforce Mission.

A joint conference of the State Police and Guardia fi Finanza noted that this year they discovered 700 parcels more than the last year, thanks to the Italian airplane which made 42 flights to monitor the Albanian territory.

The novelty of this year was a Vietnamese seed which has a short cycle of 50 days. It spreads 70% more than the other plant, but has a lower yield”, declared the General Chief of Police, Haki Cako.

One of the Italian Police representatives answered to Top Channel’s question about the existence of a secret report on Albania’s cannabis quantity.

“I have no information about this. Maybe you should ask other respective authorities”, said Antonio Molinator, from the Italian criminal police.

The Italian authorities expressed their concern about new methods that Albanian traffickers are using to transport cannabis.

“Traffickers are exploring water scooters, as an efficient way, because they are difficult vehicles to be seen from radars”, says the Italian police representative, Joselino Minuto.

Italian officials also praised their Albanian colleagues for the cooperation and underlined that the cannabis cultivation is not only an Albanian phenomenon.

“There are Italian citizens who have cultivated cannabis and even shot police helicopters”, Molinaro said.

Top Channel