Italian authorities publish Lazarat images

07/08/2013 15:45

The Aerial Operative Command of the Italian Guardia di Finanza published
the details of the recent operation held in the Albanian territory,
from which they discovered 500 plantations of cannabis planted in

The specialists of the Gardia di Finanza explain that there are 319 hectares planted with Cannabis, which means that more than 1000 tons are being produced, with a total value of four billion EUR.

For the realization of this difficult areal intervention, the Italian authorities, in cooperation with the Albanian police, have worked for eight weeks and the results were achieved thanks to sophisticated appliances with digital cameras and other sensors realized by the Napoli University.

The aerial monitoring of the Albanian territory is foreseen based on an agreement signed in Tirana on 19 June 2012, between the Central Directory of the Italian Criminal Police and the Central Directory of the Albanian Police.

The discovery made to Lazarat attracted the attention of the main Italian media. The public and private televisions have made several news reports on the police operation.

Newspapers such as Repubblica or Corriere Della Sera, and other internet websites, spread the news by adding other details and curiosities.

“Lazarat, the European drug town”, or “Albania, the drug supplier”, were some of the titles. And this was not the only one operation of this kind. On July 2012 Guardia di Finanza discovered 62 plantations of cannabis with the same monitoring method.

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