Italian anti-mafia head praises Albanian bodies co-operation: It was the largest joint operation

30/06/2020 15:41

The head of the Italian Antimafia, Federico Cafiero De Raho, today held an online conference with the leaders of the Albanian and Italian police and prosecutor’s offices regarding the mega operation that led to the arrests of 37 suspects.

De Raho said that the operation conducted in cooperation with the judiciary in Albania has been the largest ever conducted and thanked the relevant Albanian authorities for their willingness.

“The operation was coordinated by Eurojust. Hashish, cocaine and heroin were seized. 37 people have been handcuffed. It is the largest hit to Italian and Albanian mafia groups. We have also cooperated with Arben Kraja, the head of SPAK in Albania,” said De Raho, referring to the new Albanian anti-crime structure.

Kraja was present at the conference and said that in Albania will also investigated officials who may allow or favor criminal activity of this kind.

“I came to Rome on February 7th, we signed the memorandum of cooperation and the idea was that we should be concrete and today we are concrete with the operation they conducted. Joint investigative teams are the best response to organized crime operating internationally”, Kraja stated.

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