Iranian leader, Al-Khamenei, addressed to Albania as a ‘small, diabolic country in Europe’

08/01/2020 18:08

The leader of Iran, Al Khameni, considered Albania a bad European country that is giving shelter to the enemies of Iran.

“There is a small, diabolic country in Europe where Americans are cooperating with Iranian traitors, plotting against the Islamic Republic. Their plan was clear, with the protests they held in Iran, since some of those traitors came to Iran to protest. Enemy agents started implementing a plan to sabotage and destroy our government and our Constitution”, Al-Khamenei declared.

Albania is giving shelter to 3200 members of the Iranian Resistance, part of the popular organization of the Iranian mujahedeens, or MEK.

The Iranian mujahedeens represent an opposition movement in exile, which wants to bring down the Islamic Republic of Iran.

International partners, led by the USA, planned to shelter the group in several countries, in order to save them from the constant attacks that the Iraqi authorities were taking against them.

Albania accepted to shelter the MEK members, who are actually living at the Manza area. This caused Albania to be included in the threatening speech of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, which was broadcasted live on the Iranian state TV.

One day ago he had promised a harsh retaliation against the USA, saying that their presence in the region should come to an end.

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