Investigated business administrators for illegally placing umbrellas and sunbeds in Albanian beaches

01/07/2021 15:30

A day after the wide-ranging police action for freeing the spaces on the beaches of the country, legal prosecution has started for the persons who had ‘occupied’ the sand spaces.

In Velipoja, a 50-year-old woman was placed under investigation after occupying public space by setting up sunbeds and tents without permission.

So far, 46 entities have been inspected there, while 60 sunbeds and 30 umbrellas were removed.

In Durrës, the police action against the illegal use of public space started from the Agai-Plepa beach to the Dajlan Bridge region.

Following the inspection of the violations, 7 local administrators are being prosecuted: on the beach of Seman and Darzeza, 13 coastal parcels illegally occupied with sunbeds and tents have been opened up.

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