International couple from Italy settle in Albania to cultivate 450 species of roses in Krutje

14/05/2022 21:51

Sonila and Giusepe are an Albanian-Italian couple who have been living in Krutje of Lushnja in central Albania for two years.

They moved here from Italy along with their business of rose growing and today they plant nearly 450 varieties.

Sonila Vogli lived in Italy for 16 years where she studied medicinal plants and specializes in growing roses. Together with her husband they started planting the first 30 varieties in the fields of Tuscany, to produce fragrant flower essential oils.

“I take care of the roses from the time they bloom until they grow, there are roses that cannot bloom because they do not like the soil or the environment, so I choose to keep those that adapt the best.

“Previously in Italy I was a stylist for women’s shoes and then a manager and shoemaker in China, India and Arabia”, says Giusepe.

Sonila and Giusepe say that they do not miss Italy as they were looking for a quieter place. They continue their work from Albania and with their previous clients with which they are now connected only by trade, as all their production goes for export.

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