Inclement snowy weather on roads in the north of Albania, “Rruga e Kombit” highway passable

21/01/2022 20:19

Bad weather has affected Albania, while there has been heavy snowfall on the Fan-Kolsh road segment, part of the Milot-Morina highway. Currently the road is cleared of the snow and there are no problems in traffic.

Based on the current situation and the forecasts for the following days, the authorities have taken measures by increasing the number of services in the maintenance of “Rruga e Kombit” to the north of the country and Kosovo.

Meanwhile, the authorities appeal to drivers to be careful during their drive on “Rruga e Kombit”, to respect the signs and to be extra careful in the electronic signs and the messages they convey.

Winter tires are recommended and tire chains be kept in the car for eventualities. For any concerns or traffic information you can call the green number 08000400.

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