Incident at the Tirana Municipality

06/09/2011 16:45

The Tirana Police and two inspectors of the Municipal Tax Office were involved in an incident regarding their removal from the office.

The employees declared that they were waiting the official notice for
interrupting the work relations, but the chiefs have asked them to leave earlier, even with physical confrontations.

Two inspectors declared that everything was intentional, due to their political activity during the electoral process as representatives of the Socialist Party.

“I was working at my office, doing my duty and preparing the materials. Florenc Hoxha, director of the Municipal Office, which is not the same directory with us, suddenly entered, moved the table and forced me out, grabbing me by the arms. I told him that I wouldn’t leave the office for as long as I was still an employee. But he said that I was undesired in the institution, and punched me in the stomach”, says the inspector Anila Cobani.

The other inspector, Etleva Duro described the same situation, saying that she was a victim of the violence that had been exerted in the directory.

This scene has shocked the other employees of this office. They even didn’t serve to the citizens today, because the directory closed the doors and cancelled all actions, although the director calmed the situation down by saying that the inspectors would stay at their duties until the arrival of the official notice.

“I feel terrorized by this horror that I witnessed today. It’s the greatest absurdity to remove an employee with violence when still on duty, without an official notice”, declared Miranda Porja, employee.

The Socialist Members of the Municipal Council, Aldrin Dalipi and Gent Gazheli arrived at the scene and condemned violence in state administration.

“We want to directly appeal the General Prosecutor, Ina Rama to see what is happening in the state administration offices, how women and servants of the people are being treated, exactly by people who are not being punished by justice, but are left free to manage institutions”, Dalipi declared.

Dalipi explained that he will ask an urgent meeting at the Municipal Council and will make all international institutions aware of this fact.

The Tirana Municipality Police announced through a press declaration of having sued the two inspectors over physical and verbal attack. The declaration said that the two inspectors had been using violence in the institution for days.

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