Ina Rama: “January 21st” depends on FBI report

16/01/2011 18:25

The General Prosecutor, Ina Rama, declared this Monday that the
investigations for the January 21st tragedy depends on the forensic
reports that is expected from the FBI offices in the USA.

Rama declared that these tests will be decisive for the investigation, especially for the National Guard scanner that has been sent to the US, based on suspicions that some footage have been deleted.

The head of the Albanian Prosecution released these declarations after a meeting with the Regional Antimafia Prosecutor of Lecce, Cataldo Motta, and General Franco Patroni, chief of the Guardia di Finanza for the Italian region of Puglia.

The Antimafia Prosecutor of Lecce, Mr. Motta declared that Albania is the exit port of drug traffic, while Italy is the entrance for western countries.

According to Motta, the traffic courses have changed. Only for 2011, 20 tons of marijuana have been transported through Albania.

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