In classroom with open windows; Winter cold complicates the learning process in schools

04/12/2021 20:54

The significant drop in temperatures with the arrival of the winter season has hampered the development of the teaching process in some pre-university educational institutions in Albania, due to the lack of heaters.

“We are very cold. Our hands tremble when we write. We sit with coats on in the classroom as we are cold. We told the teacher and we bought a electric heater with everyone’s money but she still does not heat enough.

“Central heating is there but they do not work”, say the students.

On the other hand, parents point out that despite the purchase of electric heaters, their children still feel cold in classroom, as anti-Covid measures recommend that classroom windows be kept open for ventilation.

“We keep the windows open as result of the coronavirus. We only close them for an hour. It’s very cold… ”

“Look how I wrapped my boy because he has a cold.”He asked me to take off the jacket in class, in no way I told him,” said the mother of a student.

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