Imami, no arms trade with Libya

21/03/2011 11:00

Albanian Defense Minister Arben Imami denied opposition accusations about illegal arms trade with Libya.

While reporting to a security commission asked by the opposition, Imami confirmed only a contract with Yemen for the sale of 4 million 12.7 caliber ammunitions, which ended after the buyers backed out of their offer.
“But there has been no demand. Yemen is an allied country, not only to us, but to all countries involved in the war against terrorism.” Imami explained.
Socialist Deputy Ilir Gjoni asked the minister to explain the “New York Times” accusations about Albanian arms that were found inside a Libyan port.

“Please explain if there have been military materials imported from Serbia and Iraq, and if yes, on what purpose. Please explain why the institution that you run has the greatest impact of all.” Gjoni said.

Defense Minister Imami confirmed Montenegro buying arms from Albania beyond their necessities. But he also added that according to Defense Ministry data, the neighboring Montenegro uses to buy guns in order to modify and resell them in the international market.
“They buy, demount and resell arms, after putting them under an industrial process. I can not answer for what happens in Montenegro.” Imami replied.

In the last three years, Albania has sold arms to Burundi, the Czech Republic and Montenegro. Even though there have been other contracts that failed to conclude. What brings attention is the fact that most of the buyers prefer to demand ammunition of the 12.7 caliber.

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