Ilir Meta on Kosova President’s lawsuit: The KLA war was right, Thaçi and Veseli are innocent

24/06/2020 18:56

Albanian president Ilir Meta has reacted after the indictment filed by the Special Prosecution against Kosova President Hashim Thaçi and PDK leader Kadri Veseli, for alleged war crimes during the war in Kosovo.

In a Facebook post he writes:

“The Kosovo Libaration Army war, imposed on the people of Kosovo by the oppression and genocide of Milosevic’s criminal regime, proved to be just and decisive, not only for the freedom and establishment of the Republic of Kosovo within the internationally recognized borders, but also for the peace, the stability and future European integration of our region.

“We believe in the innocence of President Hashim Thaçi, former Speaker of Parliament Kadri Veseli and all their comrades-in-arms.

“Charges have been filed before against former KLA leaders, but their innocence and the justice of the war have been confirmed.

“We believe this will also happen in this case.”

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