HPPs leave without water the farmers of Dvoran in Korca, institutions throw blame at each other

13/05/2022 21:14

In the village of Dvoran, 6.5 km away from Korça in southeastern Albania about 500 families live on fruit tree farming, apple and other orchards.

The problem of the inhabitants of this village is that the water coming from the Gjanci reservoir is being used by two small HPPs who have reduced the level of this reservoir and the inhabitants are afraid that like a year ago, the apples will remain undeveloped.

After the report of the residents in the Top Channel’s Fiks Fare, the program asked the director of Public Services in the Municipality of Korça,  Ilir Dinellari if he was aware of this concern, as the Gjançi reservoir was meant for irrigation of agricultural lands since its conception.

He explains that for this reason they have been in contact with the Drainage Board, to limit the production of energy in this HPP.

“They have produced irregularly, because when you have reached the maximum quota, then with the surplus they have to start producing. We understand that it is the season of energy production, but not as to endanger the irrigation of farmers in early spring and summer “says Mr. Dinellari.

In the Directorate of Irrigation and Drainage Korça, director Gentian Aliçkolli claimed that the Gjanci reservoir is administered by the concessionaire. He adds that the irrigation season runs from May 15 to September 15. The HPP is located at the bottom of the reservoir pipeline so the water will inevitably pass through it before irrigating the farmers’ lands.

“The act-agreements that we conclude with the Municipality and the concessionaire, are approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and at that moment they enter into force” explains Mr. Aliçkolli.

Regarding the production of energy in the largest capacity by the concessionaire of HPP, the director says that there is a case that for the safety of the dam, when the capacity exceeds 15.5 million m3, the concessionaire has the right to make a request for opening of gates.

“We have received their concerns through the Municipality of Korça since the 20th. We have made official documents because the primary is irrigation, and then energy. We manage the water in the reservoir and if there is a loss in the canals, it is not our responsibility”, concludes the director of Korça Drainage, passing the blame to the municipality.


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