Hoxha: A lot of money was spent on the terrorist attack on Top Channel

28/03/2023 16:21

Top Channel journalist Anila Hoxha was today part of the show “Wake Up” where she talked about the serious event of Sunday, where several attackers fired a barage of bullets at Top Channel headquarters and as a result security guard Pal Kola was left dead.

Hoxha says that this crime was well organized and a lot of money was spent on it.

Hoxha: All of this goes hand in hand with the expectation towards the institutions, first of all towards the police and the prosecutor’s office of Tirana or any agency which must put a name to the authorship.

It is very clear that it is a very organized event.”

“The way it speaks is very understandable.

There was an organized plan as no one does something like that for a weak motive. A Range Rover vehicle was burned up, we know there have been high-calibre yet unsolved mafia events over the years where vehicles or motorcycles were used, so it is an event where a lot of money was spent to carry it out.

“A Range Rover was burned, this did not cost the perpetrators anything, the way they circulated, very carefully.

Blendi Salaj: So this is done by professionals?

Anila Hoxha: “This is an event, an organized attack on the institution, this is clearly understood, but we hope that with all this commitment of the institutions, the authors and above all the motives are understood and the mission be revealed.

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