Health minister Manastirliu: No restrictions on the weekend, more reopening from June 1st

29/05/2020 15:28

“After several weeks of timely preventive measures and all your efforts to implement them, we have managed to limit the spread of infection.”

“Although today we have a stable course of the epidemic, we must not forget that the reopening that started in phases two weeks ago, requires discipline and a correct individual behavior that adapts to the new normalcy “, said Minister Manastirliu.

She added that from June 1, sports championships will open without spectators, as well as parks, internet centers and gyms.

“Based on the epidemiological assessment so far, in consultation with the Technical Committee, it has been decided to follow the following plan approved for the reopening strategy from June 1st:

“To allow the movement of citizens and vehicles throughout the territory, in all cities and counties of the country
To reopen public and private kindergartens by implementing approved security protocols.

“To open the land borders and suspending the two-week quarantine for entrants, as a measure which has been followed by European countries. The two-week quarantine measure will remain in place in special cases by order of the health authorities according to the criteria set by the ECDC – European Center for Disease Control.

“From June 1, the beaches will be open, under security measures, according to a plan for the entire coastline. Beaches will be designated as approved areas with special authorizations by a Provisional Authority, set up for this period and will administer permits for the placement of beach equipment through an online application and a special protocol to ensure distance maintenance.
“Therefore, we invite those interested to follow the published procedures, informing about anyone who violates the rules on the beach.

“Sports championships will be allowed from June 1, without the presence of the public. Parks, educational and cultural training centers, internet centers according to security protocols, as well as gyms according to approved protocols will be opened.
“Public transport will continue to remain closed, as a matter being worked upon by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, for a Plan which will be made public soon.

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