Head of opposition party PL, Ilir Meta formalizes separation from his wife Monika, also a high official of the party

20/06/2024 21:43

Former Albanian president Ilir Meta, chairman of the ‘Partia e Lirise’, has tonight confirmed the separation from his wife Monika Kryemadhi, who until recently was also the leader of the opposition group, the third largest party in the country.

In an interview given for the show on SyriTv, he said that there is a divorce process with Kryemadhi. Meta stated that he and his ex-wife have followed the legal path for this matter and has also notified his son Besar Meta.

“Mrs. Monika Kryemadhi is now my ex-wife and today I also followed the legal path for this issue and I also notified my son Besar Ilir Meta, who had told me a while ago that if we have so many tensions and problems with each other, better we can find a more peaceful solution, and I believe I have found a solution” – declared Ilir Meta.

This sudden move by the former president comes at a time when the SPAK prosecution is investigating the assets of the Meta family.

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