Hahn: Albania, still many issues with property titles

19/04/2019 17:31

The EU Commissioner for Enlargement, Johannes Hahn, said in an interview for Deutsche Welle that the legal framework for the property rights in Albania has legal and technical issues. He says that the EU is monitoring it.

The property issues in Albania, for Hahn, are old and complex that start with the fall of the communist regime: “The European Commission is aware about the concerns regarding the recent decisions taken by the government regarding the management of property in the southern coasts, and we are working with the authorities in this direction. Seeing the importance of this topic in the country, it is important for future steps to be taken through an open process, all-inclusive and based on a structured plan of reforms”, Hahn said.

For Hahn, the unresolved property issues create room for corruption in Albania, giving power to the same small group of people.

The Commissioner said that the EU will be dedicated to support Albania and the financial support will be accompanied with a full monitoring of the possible legislative developments.


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