Gjirokastra’s artisans prepare for the visitors of the new tourist season

16/04/2021 19:13

Artisan Viktor Nurçe in the bazaar of Gjirokastra, during the tourist season turns his wood carving workshop into a public class, where he shares with visitors the knowledge of his profession.

He tells them about the city’s tradition in the decoration of ceilings, gates, furniture and chimneys, while leading the participants in carving their own souvenir, that they take with them from Gjirokastra.

“I talk about the tradition and decorations of Gjirokastra and this helps tourists get an idea of ​​what they want to have.”

The live experience in wood carving offers a lot of emotion, recognition and fun, he adds.

“It’s my first experience and the most exciting part was when I was able to shape the flower petals.”

Interest had waned during the pandemic as the products are mainly preferred by the foreigners.

However Victor insists that also the experience he shares with local passers-by is a kind of education with the tradition, and a new way of tourism.

“We do not have many Albanian visitors. Most are foreigners. There are those who plan it before they come, the motives that they want carved and come especially for this “, adds the woodworker.


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