Gjinushi: The problem is Berisha

25/08/2011 16:25

The proposition of Fatmir Mediu – Republican Party leader – for
Albania’s electoral system amends from the current to a preferential
regional proportional is seen by the Social Democratic Party leader,
Skender Gjinushi, as an attempt for removing the attention from the core
of the problem: the implementation of the rules that are set in the
electoral systems.

“Every system is democratic if the rules are respected and if the elections are held according to a standard. The problem is that the systems are violated. We need to change the political class that is not based on the free vote. There is the need of making improvements, despite the fact that regardless the origin of the electoral system model, the German or the Spanish model, our system remains that of Berisha. The election system in Albania cannot be represented by this political system and this government”, Gjinushi declared.

Commenting about intensity of the debates on the candidates for the next Albanian President, Gjinushi thinks that such discussions are premature.

“Albania is facing a social and economic crisis, and the name of this crisis is ‘government’. The problem is not who will be the next President. Whoever will be elected, there will be no cooperation with Berisha”, Gjinushi declares.

The head of the Social Democratic Party continues to be stoic in the decision that the opposition should not cooperate with Berisha in these reforms, which will bring no results, whether the reforms will be approved or not.

“We are not talking about a radical opposition, but a radical government that can be compared to oriental fascism. The opposition cannot comply with this government and say that this comes due to the lack of reforms. If the opposition says that the reforms would change this government, then it is deceiving the Albanians and the international community”, Gjinushi underlined.

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