Fushe Kruje, dynamite against cement factory

06/09/2011 01:10

The dynamite attacks against the cement factory in Fushe-Kruje have
returned. Three powerful explosions were heard around midnight near the
factory, fortunately without hurting anyone.

Numerous police forces arrived at the location and started searching the Zall village residences. The Police suspects that the authors come from this village. But during this operation, the police met the resistance of the villagers, some of whom refused to be searched.

The dynamite attacks against the cement factory and its interconnecting roads, aiming to damage the work of this factory, have been very frequent. It is suspected that the attacks come from Zall villagers, for threatening the factory after the latter stopped paying them for the pollution.

A few months ago, during a search at the Zall village, Police was able to seize considerable quantities of explosive.

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