Fushë Arrëz police head rape arrest, Lleshaj: A low criminal gesture!

06/06/2020 15:16

A low criminal gesture from a police officer. This is what Minister of Interior Sander Lleshaj, commented about the arrest of the chief of the police station of Fushë Arrëz, Izmir Duraku, with rape charges.

The woman reported the rapist during the show “Dua te te bej te lumtur”, broadcast every Saturday on Top Channel.

Minister Lleshaj said that the police should have a different approach on the matter after these cases, and stressed that penalties for abusive guardians of the community, should be taken to the extreme.

“The time has come to reconsider our approach to protecting victims of sexual violence, especially children. Many of the cases are committed by the caregivers and it is unfortunate. Penalties should be increased. It is not just a matter of law but also of social awareness. We need to react as a society. The much-discussed death sentence will have no return, it is irreversible. We reacted from the first signal and we do not know all the details, but we will take stronger measures. The danger often comes from those who are the caregivers “, said Minister Lleshaj.

Izmir Duraku is the person who was accused by the 27-year-old woman raised as an orphan in Shkodra.
The event that took place in April 2015 in the premises of the Shkodra Police Commissariat, when the officer was on duty as a Crime Investigation Specialist. She had gone there to report the rape from employees of the orphanage in Shkodra, but the listener of her denunciation continued with the same behavior as the abusers she reported.

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