Fule answers to Nika’s family

20/10/2010 00:00

The concerns addressed by Mark Nika, the uncle of protester Aleks Nika,
killed on January 21st 2011 in front of the Prime Minister’s office,
have taken an answer by a letter of the Commissioner for Enlargement,
Stefa Fule.

Vasislis Maragos, the director of the Unit for Albania at the European Commission, answered to the letter of Mr. Nika on behalf of Commissioner Fule.

“The European Commission has paid a special attention to your issue, in order to strengthen the rule of law and independence of the Justice System, which are the key matters for Albania to fulfil its path to the European Integration”, the letter says.

Vasislis Maragos says that the Commission is following closely the events related with the January 21st tragedy. The chapter for Albania in the progress report underlines the need to shed light on these events through a reliable trial.

“In his contacts with the Albanian authorities, the Commissioner has underlined the need to have a transparent, independent and efficient justice system in Albania, which we will continue to monitor closely”, he added.

The Director of the Unit for Albania at the European Commission says that they will monitor the trial process for the January 21st events.

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