Freedom House report: Berisha’s political wing is violent, disinformation seeks to discredit SPAK prosecution

11/04/2024 15:57

In the latest report on “Countries in Transition 2024”, Freedom House analysts point out that there are no shortage of challenges for democracy in Albania.

But while corruption continues to remain a disturbing phenomenon, the organization praised the efforts of the SPAK prosecutor in the fight against this phenomenon and organized crime.

“SPAK gradually improved the results of investigations of high-level corruption cases and brought charges against a number of leading politicians in Albania in 2023, becoming one of the few functional justice and prosecution institutions in the country, while the vetting process in Albania continued during 2023”, according to Freedom House.

In the context of attention to corruption, the report shed a special light on SPAK’s investigations against former Prime Minister Sali Berisha for corruption, for which he has been declared non-grata by the USA and Great Britain.

The agency adds that Berisha’s political wing in the main opposition DP party “has turned into a violent group that seems to want to destabilize the country, making his arrest welcome news for many.”

The report also cites the indictment of SPAK against the former Deputy Prime Minister Arben Ahmetaj for corruption and the issuance of the international arrest warrant after he had left Albania.

“After SPAK’s investigations and accusations against Berisha and Ahmetaj, as well as the exposure of the connections between several organized crime groups with businesses, politicians and law enforcement agencies” it has been noticed “an increasing disinformation campaign by several portals and figures high political figures in the government and opposition to discredit the work of SPAK”, says Freedom House.

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