Former MP Hajdari rejects either Berisha or Basha: I will return to the DP when there is reform

25/11/2021 09:27

Former Democratic Party MP Rudina Hajdari was adamant today in her response when she stated that she will not return to the Democratic Party, as long as chairing it is the current head Lulzim Basha.

“I do not become part of the Democratic Party until I am convinced that the chairman or whoever is in charge of the party does not inspire me and does not give me the desire to work with him”, said Hajdari, daughter of Azem Hajdari, one of the founders of the DP murdered in an assassination ambush in Tirana in 1998.

The former Democratic MP spoke in Top Channel’s “Top Talk” also about the current situation in the main opposition party, where a fierce battle is taking place between the leader Basha and former President Sali Berisha.

According to Hajdari, the DP is being held hostage by these two politicians and needs deep reform.

“They both are the people who made arbitrary decisions, expelled people from the party and behaved the way they behaved. We all know these situations. We do not need to look at the historical view now.

“The moment anyone came out against the president, he was fired. It is happening now, but it also happened during the time when Berisha was president of the country.

“So, how can it be believed that there can be an opening in the Democratic Party when they are the same presidents who have had this behavior. Today, the DP should not be held hostage by two people or other people like them and I think the Democrats should go beyond the interests of the chairman. I think the DP is more important than that.

Former Prime Minister Berisha and his supporters have called the DP National Congress on December 11, where they will demand the dismissal of Basha. The leader of the Democrats immediately responded to this move, saying that nothing will happen on December 11, but instead the Assembly will convene on December 18.

When asked if she will participate in the Assembly, Hajdari did not give a specific answer, but stated that “if the congress takes place, what we should ask for is a real reforming of the DP”.

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