Former mayor of Durres denies charges in court, requests a mitigation of the detention measure

08/06/2023 15:55

Today the trial began against the former mayor of Durrës, Vangjush Dako, who was arrested the day before for abuse of office. The former mayor of Durrës, Dako appeared today at the first court session, where he denied the accusations of the SPAK special prosecution regarding a residential building that the prosecution says was granted permission in violation of the law.

Dako told the court that he has no knowledge, and he does not even know how many floors it has. Furthermore, he gave clarifications regarding the tender for the purchase of the project for the development of the coastline in Durres, from the area of Bryl to Currila, with the claim that he had no knowledge and that everything was in the hands of his specialists.

Sources for Top Channel indicate that the mayor has stated that he has never violated the procurement procedure for this tender, therefore Dako has asked the court for a milder security measure.

His defense lawyer, Petrit Ismalili, stated in court that Dako has nothing to do with the charges, and for this he requested milder measures such as “house arrest”, “obligation to appear”, or “property guarantee”.

Meanwhile, the hearing continues with the other defendants in the case, who are giving their explanations for the charges raised by the prosecution.

The granting of a building permit 11 years ago in neighborhood no.

5 of Durrës resultyed in damages after the November 2019 earthquake, which was the reason for the arrest of the former SP mayor of Durres, Vangjush Dako and other former officials of this municipality.

Businessman Fiqiri Farruku, the builder of complex, was also imprisoned.

The court has accepted the request of the Special Prosecutor’s Office for the arrest of Vangjush Dako and 4 former officials of the Urban Development Department of the Municipality of Durrës, including the former Director Adhurim Qehajaj, the owner of a construction company, Fiqiri Farku and the company’s engineer.

Detaintion has also been requested for three former employees of the Municipality of Durrës.

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