Former deputy Prime Minister, two prosecutors are sued for corruption in the incinerators scandal

09/12/2022 21:17

Journalist Adriatik Doçi appeared today at the Albanian Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SPAK) to file the criminal complaint against two prosecutors Klodian Braho and Ened Nakuçi, as well as former Socialist Deputy Prime Minister Arben Ahmetaj in connection with the notorious ‘incinerators corruption affair’.

The report is about the manipulation of the investigations on the Elbasan incinerator, where according to the journalist the two SPAK prosecutors have hidden evidence and deliberately diverted the investigations, in order not to bring to justice the high socialist official Ahmetaj, who is also one of the signatories of the incinerator affair.

In the 26 page report file, Doçi presents evidence that the citizen Klodian Zoto, now still wanted by the prosecution, used his bank card to pay for the trips of Ahmetaj and his wife Erjola Hoxha. According to Doçi, prosecutors Braho and Nakuçi treated “with double standards” the evidence provided by the e-mails found on Klodian Zoto’s computers related to the Elbasan incinerator.

In the file is stated that the two prosecutors accused have administered as evidence the e-mails of Klodian Zoto with the former Minister of the Environment Lefter Koka, as well as the other persons involved in the affair under investigation, but not the messages and emails exchanged between Zoto

and the hotels for Deputy Prime Minister Ahmetaj reservations. The complaint claims that the non-involvement of Ahmetaj in the investigation was intentional on their part, and accuses the two prosecutors Klodian Braho and Ened Nakuçi of abuse of office and actions that prevent the disclosure of the truth.

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