Foreign Ministry summons Serbian ambassador for statements on “Greater Albania”: Provocations do not serve stability

15/05/2024 15:43

The ambassador of Serbia in Albania, Slobodan Vukčević, was summoned to the Foreign Ministry yesterday, where he was asked for clarifications regarding the statements made by the deputy Prime Minister Vulin, referringto Prime Minister Rama’s visit and meeting with the Albanian diaspora in Greece.

Commenting on Prime Minister Rama’s visit with the Albanian diaspora in Greece, Vulin said, among other things, that “only the Serbian world can stop Greater Albania”

In the statement of the Albanian ministry it was stated:

“The provocative statement of the Serbian official is contrary to the spirit of cooperative relations and does not serve peace and stability in the Balkan countries. Albania is an important factor that works and contributes to peace and security in our region and this is also at the core of cooperation with Serbia “.

Vulin declared that “Greater Albania can be stopped only by the Serbian world”, but also by the Greeks, extending a hand for cooperation there.

“The next time the government of Greece thinks about recognizing the so-called Kosovo, let it remember what the reception of Edi Rama looks like in the middle of Athens. What Rama could not experience in Tirana, he experienced in Athens. Albania can be stopped only by the Serbs and the Serbian world, but also by you dear Greeks, our Greeks. Please think about this”, stated among others Aleksandar Vulin.

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