Floods in Shkodra, Dajç and Obot, dwellings under water in northern Albania

25/01/2021 16:24

In the last 24 hours, about 500 hectares of other land were flooded in the Nen-Shkodra area as a result of heavy rainfall.

In total there are about 1400 hectares of land under water and the most problematic situation occurs in the administrative unit of Ana e Malit, where Oboti was isolated again and now on the main road there is about 60 cm of water.

Grigor Pema, the mayor of Obot for 12 years, tells us about the situation in his village: “Oboti, has been abandoned by young people who have emigrated,” says the mayor. “Already together with the army forces must help the elderly and get sick during these days of isolation.”

Rainfall has also increased inflows into the cascade over the Drin river. State power company KESH reports that the Vau i Dejës HPP, it is discharging a total of 700 cubic meters of water per second from the production, while the water levels in the 3 hydropower plants are several meters lower than the maximum point.

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