Flamingos coexist with residents in Narta; The inhabitants are leaving village but the birds increase in number

04/10/2022 20:53

The Narta Lagoon near the coast of Vlora in southwestern Albania, is turning into a location where flamingos and pelicans are finding safety in their new habitat.

Over 200 Curly Pelicans have recently come here, as over 4000 Flamingos continue to call the area their home.

The Biba couple with their house by the lagoon, enjoy their breakfast in the view and company of flamingos.

“These new residents have already returned and we enjoy each other’s company every morning. It’s been a while since I went fishing because of the low tide in the lagoon, but I continue to enjoy the mornings drinking coffee in the company of flamingos”, says the man of the house.

Pandeli’s house is the only structure that allows you to see flamingos up close, which is the reason many foreign tourists knock on their door.

He adds that a hunting moratorium has influenced the increase in the number of birds, as well as the fish that birds hunt in the water.

The village of Zvërnec has a small number of inhabitants as a result of migration, but now they seem to be replaced by the birds that migrate there.

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