Fires caused by men

24/08/2011 14:55

450 fires were reported in total in Albania only during August 2011,
most of which were not caused by high temperatures, but by men.

In an interview for Top-Channel, the Head of Emergencies Alfred Olli declared that the situation remains concerning not only in areas with dense vegetation.

“The role of the man is a priority. The shepherds burn their own pastures and create big sources of fire”, Olli declared, appealing the public opinion to be careful, because the temperatures will be very high.

During August there has been an average of 30 fires per day, while Gjirokaster remains the most problematic area, followed by Delvina, Shkoder, Puka and Lezha. Dhe director of the firefighters, Dilaver Laci confirmed that 750 units commanded by him are in full alert due to the situation.

Asked by Top-Channel, high rank officials of the State Police confirm of having arrested 11 people for arson. Five others are being investigated and police is looking for five others.

All the accused are shepherds who have caused fire sources trying to open new pastures. However, due to their bad economic conditions and old age, all the arrested have been set free.

Top Channel