Final decision; Top Channel wins the defamation lawsuit against the “Syri” website

26/06/2020 15:32

The Court of Appeals in Tirana, through a final decision has penalized the news website “Syri” for defamation and baseless statements that the latter has made in the address of Top Channel.

The court has decided that the website “” make a retraction on their website regarding the defamation in the address of Top Channel and the false news published on 28.2 2019.

The Syri portal by a court order must publish a refutation in the form of a public apology for false statements and delete the fake news published on the site, as well as on other news portals.

Top Channel as a national television that is guided by the truth did not want to enter into controversy with other news sites, but will resort to the respective authorities in any case of defamation driven by business or political interests.


Top Channel