Fiks Fare/ Roads in Albania left at the mercy of potholes

15/05/2024 21:19

Every day, the Fiks Fare editorial office receives dozens of complaints about the condition of the roads in different cities or villages in Albania.

Most of the complaints are about the dilapidated condition of the roads, or those that were recently built and are quickly beginning to deteriorate.

Residents say that they find it very difficult to cross these roads as they are potholed, muddy and unpaved. Complainants throughout the country describe the winter season as more difficult and the passage they have to make on these roads, some without sidewalks, for children going to and from school every day.

Fiks made an observation on some of the road axes that had received complaints from citizens. One of them was the road ‘7 Nëntori’ in Kashar, Tirana, a road of 4 kilometers in serious condition. Journalists with a meter in hand measured the depth of these pits, which reached up to 13 cm.

Users of this road demand that measures be taken as soon as possible, as they cannot afford it anymore.

“We can’t anymore, our cars are left needing service. We are spending so much because of the roads’ state”, say one drivers, meanwhile, another says that he had just bought a new vehicle and in one of these potholes he had cracked the lower engine.

On the other axis of the industrial road near the Tirana-Durre highway, the depth of the pits goes up to 25 cm. Cars fall into potholes because the width of the traffic on this axis which does not allow to bypass them. This road is 4.2 km and is left at the mercy of fate.

Fiks Fare went to the Municipality of Tirana, where in response was stated that the street “7 Nëntori” is in the design phase of the project, as within the year it will be completed with sidewalks and other elements.

Immediately after the interest of Fiks Fare, the employees of the municipality started filling the potholes on “7 November” street.


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