Fiks Fare journalists shot at while filming illegal excavation of riverbed in Kruja

08/02/2023 21:01

Journalists of Fiks Fare investigative program on Top Channel, were shot at today while they were filming the illegal mining works in the bed of Zeza River in Nikël, north of the capital Tirana.

After the illegal excavation of the river and the taking of inert materials were recorded, the journalists were confronted by people with fire arms who shot at their drone.

Images of three armed men were broadcast on the investigative show Fiks Fare, as they were seen standing just a few meters away from the filming group, positioned in a place where they could not be clearly seen.

But while the journalists were filming the inert trucks coming out of the river and waiting for the arrival of the police after the phone call they had made, the first two people approached the journalists and ordered them to go away, because “the river is theirs”.

Behind them, a masked person comes towards the journalists and tries to take the camera with the footage.

He hits members of the film crew and threatens them with their lives.

This frightening scene lasted more than 30 minutes, until finally the journalists manage to leave.

And only after they left the area, they encountered the police patrol, which met the film crew 50 minutes after the call, far from the scene.

At the request of the Durrës Local Police Directorate, after leaving the scene, all raw materials shot on the ground have been made available.


Top Channel