Fiks Fare; Bregu i Lumit residents yet to receive compensation promised by government for 2016 floodings

30/01/2023 21:52

Residents of the Bregu i Lumit village near the capital Tirana still haven’t forgotten the floods of November 2016.

About 137 families were affected by the flooding of the river which caused them a lot of material damage, but to this day they have not been compensated as promised by the government, writes ‘Firs Fare’ investigative program on Top Channel.

At that time, the local government assessed the damages for 137 families in their homes and household furnishings, but since 2016, these families have not yet received the rest of the compensation.

None of these residents have had information on the amount of compensation, so they turn to the municipal units for help, which in turn suggest them to inquire at the municipal finance office for civil emergencies.

Civil emergencies, after the compensation fund is approved, will pass the list to this office, which must notify the citizens to withdraw the fund, as it is reported.


Top Channel