‘Fiks Fare’/ 300 thousand lek bribes in the court of Vlora to set the trial date, 70 thousand to issue the decision

20/09/2021 21:47

The show Fiks Fare on Top Channel denounced today a scandal in the Court of Appeal of Vlora, where employees of this court, in cooperation with lawyers, agents and brokers, have set “prices” for public services, including 300 thousand ALL for the appointment of a court date, or 70 thousand lek for the issuing  of the court decision.

Although it sounds like the “menu” of a restaurant, this is how much the citizens are forced to pay under the counter to receive the public service in this court.

In the offices of the investigative show complained a woman, who was dragged for almost 2 years by officials to set a court date to dissolve her marriage.

After waiting for the normal procedures and not receiving service, the lawyer asked for 300 thousand ALL to give to the court employees to set the date of the trial. And, just a few days after handing this amount, the Court of Appeals sets the date and holds the trial, that earlier was dragged on for 2 years with abusive excuses.

Daniela Hajdini (Zeka) told the journalists of “Fiks Fare” that she addressed the Court of First Instance Fier to dissolve the marriage in 2018.

In Fier the trial lasted a year, then the woman appealed the decision in Vlora, where officials waiting for under hand money, delayed the procedure with absurd excuses or total negligence.


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