Father and son were beaten by other protesters

03/06/2019 16:10

The Albanian Health Ministry said that there are 13 people who were injured in yesterday’s protest, 10 of whom police officers and three protesters.

The opposition claimed that one of the protesters had been shot by a bullet fired by the police, but the verification made at the Tirana Trauma Hospital, it was just firework residue.

Three protesters were injured, Ened Bostani, whose leg was wounded by a firework., and two others who were beaten by other protesters.

Former PM Berisha reacted about the latter, claiming that father and son (Ymer Cela and Erjon Cela) were beaten by the police, but camera footage showed that they were being beaten by other protesters equipped with iron rods.

The Organization Secretary of the Democratic Party, Gazmend Bardhi, is being charged with organizing and participating in illegal manifestations.

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