Fails the bidding process for the Vlora TPP; was to run on liquefied gas

17/02/2020 19:53

After a year of delays and procrastination, the €59 million bid for the Vlora thermal power plant concession has officially failed.

The Ministry of Infrastructure announced the cancellation of the tender because, as it stated, none of the bids submitted met the set criteria.
The Vlora power plant is one of the failures most costly for Albanian citizens because although the works were completed in 2011 with a cost of 103m euros, it has so far not produced any power.

The power plant is planned to work on diesel, which has high costs of energy production, but it is also reported that there are faults with the plant’s cooling system.

After seven years of waiting, on December 31, 2018 the Ministry of Energy opened the competition for a 20 years concession.

According to the plan, the aspiring private company would have to repair the cooling system and convert the diesel production to LNG, using the Tap Pipeline. Following the rotation in the ministry, with the departure of Minister Damian Gjinkuri and the arrival of Belinda Balluku, the tender was postponed twice, first in February and then in March 2019.

Since then, the ministry has not made public any information about the project until Monday, when it officially announced its failure. It remains to be seen how the government will proceed.

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