Exclusive/ Survivor speaks of horror suicide Kombinat: Sister stayed 52 days without eating, overwhelmed by crises and ‘demons’

06/07/2020 15:07

Shocking details have emerged from the testimony of Blerta Josifi, the sole survivor of the self-sacrifice family tragedy in Kombinat, Tirana, where mother Zhaneta and her daughter Anisa Josifi were found dead in an apparent food abnegation suicide.

Exclusive sources for Top Channel’s Anila Hoxha suggest that the surviving daughter claimed that her sister, Anisa, died 15 months ago, on March 27, 2019, meanwhile her mother was found dead July 2nd this year.

“My sister died on March 27, 2019. Mom on July 2 this year,” the girl is said to have said.

Blerta Josifi further said that her sister had been without food for 52 days and this is exactly what is suspected to have brought her death.

“My sister, Anisa, stayed 52 days without eating or drinking. In March 2020, we also started fasting, drinking only water, wanting to make sacrifices to bring our sister back to life. Before the sister abnegated food, demons and nervous breakdowns overwhelmed her. We didn’t tell anyone. The day Mom died, she knelt down to pray”, is Blerta Josifi to have said.


Journalist Anila Hoxha informs that some books and notes of a religious sect have been found in the apartment of the Josifi family. Meanwhile, the police have called some theologians who are expected to shed light on what these notes will say and to whom the religious sect belongs.

The same sources suggest that the family had frequented the Evangelical Church but for the last 5 years. According to Blerta’s testimony 5 years ago, they left the Evangelical Church, ‘to find the way of God themselves.

Blerta Josifi

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