“Even walls have ears”, project with testimonies of communist regime victims

20/02/2018 12:23

On the 27th anniversary of the day when the statue of former Albanian communist dictator, Enver Hoxha, was toppled by protesters, the Municipality of Tirana met with the Director of the Authority for Information on Secret Service Documents, Gentjana Sula, and artist Alketa Xhafa Mripa, creator of “Even walls have ears”, a project that will bring to light testimonies of those who suffered through the communist regime.

Mayor Veliaj said that this project alternates art with history, to bring to today’s generations the suffering that thousands of Albanians went through under the communist regime.

“If we don’t give energy and finances to this operation for cleaning ourselves, we will lose a historic chance. This is why this initiative deserves all of our attention. I will be looking forward to finalizing the project on May 9th, the Day of Europe, which commemorates the falls of Fascism. In most of Europe this day brought freedom, but in Albania, it brought other prisons”, Veliaj said.

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