Energy crisis, minister: 10 billion ALL to protect household subscribers and small businesses

27/10/2021 15:14

After the government meeting, the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, Belinda Balluku, said that the government has made available a grant of 10 billion ALL for the energy sector.

The grant comes in the context of the electricity crisis and according to the minister will help to protect groups of household subscribers and small business.

Balluku further said that as a result of the energy emergency and lack of energy in the market, the government is trying to create an opportunity to secure long-term contracts.

“We need to work on the energy crisis and the possibilities of protection from it. The decision has been made to provide a sovereign guarantee, 10 billion ALL which will be available for the energy sector and  will create the conditions to protect the families and small business. High prices globally are a big problem, as well as the lack of energy in the market. What we are doing is an opportunity to provide these quantities with long-term contracts that give us the possibility for better prices than those traded today through stock exchanges”, said among other things Balluku.

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