Electoral roundtable, Hajdari: No white smoke without changing the electoral system

29/05/2020 15:40

Opposition MP Rudina Hajdari stated today after the roundtable on electoral reform that the parties did not agree on anything and that the parliament opposition continues to have as condition the change of the system.

“They proposed that the opposition come with a certain map regarding the areas that will have electoral biometric identification, this came at the last moment, it was not accepted either by the parliamentary opposition or by the non-parliamentary one. The parties today did not really agree on anything. We will continue to talk but the white smoke will only come out when the system changes. These meetings have become tedious for the citizens.

“The system will be discussed again, it was postponed, we will return to those issues and the electoral system, because without changing the system there is no agreement and reform, only an old common alliance that holds this country hostage. The next meeting either today afternoon or tomorrow, “she said.

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