Electoral reform meeting, SP’s Gjiknuri: I am satisfied with the agreements reached

26/05/2020 16:07

After the meeting of the Electoral Reform Commission, the co-chairman of the commission, Damian Gjinkuri, said that the results were satisfactory.

“We agreed to reduce the election period, respectively between April 15-May 15 or October 15-November 15. It is a very good period to hold elections in Albania, as the climate is better. The higher the turnout, the better.

“We also agreed on the principle of gender quotas, namely that one in three names be a female, accompanied by the relevant sanctions. Based on this principle, some concerns need to be addressed.

“We agreed to have mixed funding, i.e. government funding, and the rest from donations, but by reducing it to a more acceptable ratio. The government has undertaken to increase the total financial value granted for the next election campaign. The campaign funding chapter is agreed upon.

“We decided to have the next commission meeting on Thursday, where we will address some other issues. These were the results of this meeting and I am pleased that we have taken some steps “, said Gjiknuri.

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