Elbasan Ethnographic Museum starts teaching traditional loom work to the students of the city

15/10/2021 20:38

In Elbasan, young people are learning to work in the loom, in a project of the Ethnographic Museum with the aim to preserve and inherit the old local tradition.

The Ethnographic Museum has been launching the initiative for two years in order to bring school students closer to the remaining artisans and their professions.

The idea started first with embroidery work and then with crochet.

Now the young girls of the school ‘Naim Frasheri’ are learning to weave in the loom. The craftsmen of Elbasan still practice these professions, but even among the school girls the interest seems alive.

They are seduced by the multitude of carpet colors and say they can’t wait to create the knitting figures or motifs.

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