Eid Qurban/ President Meta from the Bektashi Presidency: I wish politics to take the religion’s example of cooperation and understanding

31/07/2020 14:59

Albanian President Ilir Meta, in a statement to the media from the Bektashi World Headquarters saluted the Eid Qurban holiday.

The President conveyed a clear message of unity to politics, on the day of Eid al-Adha which gathered the Heads of the Religious communities in the country.

He said that politicians should take the example of cooperation and understanding that religious leaders have in our country.

“It is a special pleasure for me on this holy day to share my congratulations here at the Bektashi World Headquarters. Best wishes to all Muslim believers and to all our citizens. Because this is not only a day of brotherhood and solidarity but it is also a very important day that invites us to make sacrifices to strengthen this brotherhood, this solidarity.

“I once again thank our religious leaders for the harmony they have maintained and strengthened on an ongoing basis, doing everything they can to keep the citizens united. I wish that politics learn to take this example of the spirit of understanding and cooperation for the greater interests of the citizens”, stated Meta among other things.

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