Earthquake destroyed 7905 buildings, 448 apartment buildings in Tirana, 62 in Durres

11/01/2020 18:24

The November 26th earthquake destroyed 7905 objects that are considered inhabitable by experts of the Construction Institution.

Thousands of other homes are considered slightly or averagely damaged. That takes the total number to 8748.

The Director of the Construction Institution, Agron Hysenlliu, gives details about the balance of the damage caused by the earthquake.

According to Hysenlliu, there are 448 apartment buildings and 548 houses that are considered severely damaged in Tirana.

In Durres there are 62 apartment buildings and 557 houses; in Kavaja 25 apartment buildings and 30 houses.

As for Shijak, there are 30 apartment buildings and 550 houses; in Vlora 24 apartment buildings and 596 houses; in Kamza 12 apartment buildings and 150 houss.

This report will be used to determine, after further inspection, which of the buildings are going to be demolished.

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