Dutch statistics prove Netherland’s unfound prejudice towards Albanians

17/04/2019 16:21

The dislike that Netherlands has towards Albanians is a long story that didn’t start a few days ago with the request of the Dutch Parliament to remove the visa liberalization for our citizens.

One year ago, the Netherlands expressed deep skepticism about opening Albania’s EU accession negotiations. The Spokespersn of the CDA, Madeleine van Toorenburg, launched very harsh words in Parliament and demanded less Albanians in their country, which the former Dutch Ambassador, Robert Borsch, considered “in a way that would only be worthy for the PVV”, the right wing nationalist party.

The MPs didn’t hear the facts about Albanian criminality, brought by their own government, but insisted with the argument that there is a significant growth of the Albanian organized crime in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Top Channel has made an inquiry and based on the data from the Dutch website, Statline, the number of Albanians who have been suspected of crimes has actually been decreasing, from 710 in 2016 to 499 in 2017 and 470 in 2018. From a total of 244.500 suspects, Albanians make only 0.2%.

The letter sent by the Dutch MPs to the Minister of Security and Justice notes that the European Commission makes an annual verification of the countries that have received the visa-free movement, to see if they still fulfill the criteria. The Commission’s report of 2018 proved that Albania meets the criteria, but the Dutch MPs chose to disregard this fact as well.


Top Channel